August PLC Meeting

We will be having a PLC meeting at Hoffman’s house Herbert Drive on Saturday, August 12th at 10:30.
Who should attend?
Any scout who wants to help set direction for the year is welcome.  However, the following individuals are key:
  • Senior Patrol
  • Troop Quartermaster
  • Troop Scribe/Webmaster
  • Patrol Leaders.  If a Patrol Leader is not able to attend, please see if your Assistant Patrol Leader is available or anyone else from the patrol.
What do I need to bring?
  • A pencil and paper.
  • A calendar with any dates you need to remember.
  • Input from your patrol.
  • Ideas.  Take a look at this site for suggestions on something new.
  • A camp chair
  • Upcoming Events

December 2016 Court of Honor

In case you missed it the troop’s December 2016 Court of Honor was held last night. Many scouts earned advancements and merit badges which are at the bottom of the post, even Mr. Hoffman got an award. Anyhoo, here are a few pictures.

Building a giant crossbow has it’s rewards

Mr. Hoffman receiving the Monmouth County’s Outstanding Leadership Award. Way to go Mr. Hoffman!

Some Eagle scouts from days gone by were able to attend. Thanks guys!

And what picture post would be complete without one of the troop?

If you want a picture of your son receiving his rank I may have it courtesy of Mrs. Pullaro (our troop’s unofficial photographer because she has a really good camera).

Congratulations to all the scouts who earned a badge or a new rank!

Rank Advancements:

Scout Kyle S.
Tenderfoot Ian H., Jayden L., Amitav N., Lucas P., DJ P.
Second Class Greg B., Jayden L.
First Class Nathan D., Anthony D., Will P.
Star Joseph G.

Merit Badges:

Steven A. Electronics, Robotics
Kyle C. Family Life
Anthony D. Reptile & Amphibian Study, Sustainability, Swimming
Joseph G. Citizenship in the Community, Family Life, Cyber Chip
Luke G. Citizenship in the Community, Pets
Ryan H. American Heritage, Digital Technology, Personal Management, Traffic Safety
Jacob I. Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Family Life
Alexander P. Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, Painting, Traffic Safety, Cyber Chip
William P. Family Life, Fingerprinting, Public Speaking
Lucas P. Archery, Citizenship in the World, Music
Nicholas R. Automotive Maintenance, Bird Study, Personal Fitness, Stamp Collecting
Tyler W. Environmental Science

Editing the Wiki just got a whole lot easier


We have just installed a new editor on the wiki so it doesn’t look like we’re back in 1992 anymore. Now you do NOT have to learn wiki markup code to make some nice looking pages. Just type/paste your words, highlight them and click on a button.  The recipe for Paper Bag Bacon and Eggs was just made with it.

If you have some powerful knowledge you want to share and want to become famous for it, start adding to our troop’s wiki. Besides you will be helping others and isn’t that the 3rd part of the Scout Law?

Click on the link below to get started!

East Brunswick Scouts Annual Food Drive 2016


From Mrs. Lovelace:

As you are aware, last November East Brunswick Boy Scout Troops, Crews and Cub Scout Packs held a food drive to benefit M.C.F.O.O.D.S., Middlesex County’s emergency food network (link). Our drive was very successful; collecting 4,800 pounds of food, $541 in cash and $110 in gift cards. Our drive helped MCFOODS provide adequate supply of nutritious foods and necessities to Middlesex County residents in need.
The benefits we provided to families in our area was priceless. As such, we are making the East Brunswick Scout food drive an annual event. The food drive this year is scheduled for November 5th and 6th. We’re asking scouts and families to come out again for this worthy event.

You can use the link below to sign-up.

Saturday, November 5, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
•             Shop Rite of East Brunswick, 14-22 W Prospect St, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 (map)
•             Acme Markets, 300 Ryders Lane, Milltown, NJ 08840 (map)

Sunday, November 6, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
•             Shop Rite of East Brunswick, 14-22 W Prospect St, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 (map)
•             Acme Markets, 300 Ryders Lane, Milltown, NJ 08840 (map)

Collection for the Military

This is for Jacob Iacullo’s service project

Operation Shoebox

Hi everyone,
I am collecting for Operation Shoebox for my Star service hours. Operation Shoebox sends items to the U.S Military stationed overseas. I will bring a box to collect the items to the next few meetings. I attached a flyer with the items most needed to this email. Let  me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Jacob Iacullo

Download Operation Shoebox Flyer

BSA Medical Forms

First aid. Artificial breath. Isolated 3D image

As Mr. Hoffman said at last night’s meeting, if you didn’t get your medical forms, parts A & B, completed and filled out for summer camp then you will need to complete them soon. You can get the forms here or on our documents page.

Download the forms here

This is the email that Mr. Hoffman sent:

Hello Everyone,

As mentioned last night, if you did not attend summer camp, we need to get a medical form for participation in troop activities for the year.  You can get a current copy of the form here.  These forms are editable.  So, you can enter your information and then update any changes for the following year (at least until they change the form again).  This applies to any scouts or scouters who will be traveling with us.  If you have a saved copy from a previous summer camp, note we only need parts A and B filled out for trips up to 72 hours.  Part C (the doctor’s form) is only needed for trips >72 hours.


Steve H.