BSA Medical Forms

First aid. Artificial breath. Isolated 3D image

As Mr. Hoffman said at last night’s meeting, if you didn’t get your medical forms, parts A & B, completed and filled out for summer camp then you will need to complete them soon. You can get the forms here or on our documents page.

Download the forms here

This is the email that Mr. Hoffman sent:

Hello Everyone,

As mentioned last night, if you did not attend summer camp, we need to get a medical form for participation in troop activities for the year.  You can get a current copy of the form here.  These forms are editable.  So, you can enter your information and then update any changes for the following year (at least until they change the form again).  This applies to any scouts or scouters who will be traveling with us.  If you have a saved copy from a previous summer camp, note we only need parts A and B filled out for trips up to 72 hours.  Part C (the doctor’s form) is only needed for trips >72 hours.


Steve H.