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The Honda Civic is one of the Honda Motor Company's biggest selling cars and is also the most recognizable vehicles while travelling today. Honda built their status for good quality and reliability on the Civic model and extremely hook them up to the map as a major automotive manufacturer inside the worldwide automotive industry. The Honda Civic sales remain strong today, as the world awaits the brand new 2012 model version which comes having a complete update in the looks and mechanics in the car. The New 2016 Honda Accord York has become one of many top 10 biggest selling cars in the usa and it is important to the company that the new model get the same success the outgoing model has.

The Civic may be the company's bread and butter to represent a substantial part of the companies automotive profits. There's not doubt over the internet that Honda might find good sales numbers for that new edition at first, nevertheless the car faces lots of stiff competition within the American automotive market today. One major competitor is the Volkswagen Jetta whose price has been reduced for your new model to somewhere around $15,000. In contrast the present Honda Civic model starts at $16,355 and cars can reach more than $20,000. Another tough competitor will come in the form of the Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai has seen lots of brand growth in the us as well as sales numbers are increasingly breaking company records. The thing that could hurt Elantra sales would be the fact the Hyundai factories in the us are reaching production capacity and also the company might face a problem of supply.

It is going to definitely be a tough task for Honda's Civic model to keep one of many the very best best 10 selling cars in america, however i think their long history of quality and reliability will help the vehicle retain it's top spot in sales. The brand new Honda Civic model provides necessary refreshed appearance of the model and definately will please most automotive buyers. I do believe the very best quality of the Honda Civic is the fact its styling featuring interest an array of buyers.