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Some helpful advice on creating a new page on this wiki. feel free to add to this!

Getting started

If you are making a new topic the easiest way to make a new page for it is to search for the title you want to make and when it doesn't show up click on the 'Create the page "XXXX" on this wiki!' link below the search box. This will make a new, blank page. Then you need to type in or paste everything you want to have on the page.
If you want to practice and experiment before you edit or make real pages go here --> Practice edit page

Formatting Tips


To make sections, like 'Getting started' or 'Formatting Tips' on this page you should write a title, highlight it, then click on the large A button on top of the editing area. When you make 4 or more sections a "Contents" box with the links will show on the top of the page.

Internal Links

To make an internal link, such as this Patrol Leader's Guide, you need to type/paste the page's title, highlight it, then click on the button with the underlined Ab. Make sure that you use the exact title or the link won't work.

Text in a box

To put text in a box like this you need to put a space in front of the line of text

Bold Text

There are two ways to make your text bold. If you want bold text in a paragraph then highlight it and click on the B button to get this. If you want bold text to separate your topics like what you see on this page then put 3 equal signs around it. This only works if the text is at the beginning of the line or you get ===this===.

Sortable tables

Just click on the 'Table' icon and write what you want in the table. If you want it sortable then click on the sortable box. Once you make the table then change the text to what you want in it. Just make sure to keep !! or || between the text with a space on each end.

Equipment Used For Effect
Canteen Holding water Keeps you hydrated and not thirsty
Pocket knife Cutting and sharpening Makes rope smaller, makes a marshmallow roasting stick
Tent Sleeping in Keeps you dry in the rain if you set it up correctly
For advanced users you can add some style to the table by using an exclamation point to add some html/css code like style or rowspan. Just contact the webmaster so we can put it on the website.